National Capital Region Medical Directorate (NCR MD),
Personnel Branch

Warrior Family Quick Reference Guide

The link to the Warrior Family Quick Reference Guide provides a basic orientation to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) and installation for the Warriors and their Families.
The NCR MD Personnel Branch serves the Director of the NCR MD in the execution of his/her responsibilities to the Director, Defense Health Agency (DHA) in the development and implementation of civilian personnel policies and procedures for DoD civilians assigned. The NCR MD Personnel Branch provides direction by publishing and monitoring compliance with issuances (policies, administrative instructions and manuals) to optimize an effective and efficient Integrated Delivery System. 

The NCR MD Personnel Branch established a Human Capital Office (HCO) to guide the organizational processes used to attract, recruit, develop and retain employees in order to meet both strategic and operational objectives. The seven lifecycle areas used by the HCO to engage the workforce are Workforce Planning, Recruiting, Educating and Training, Developing, Motivating and Engaging, Retaining, and Transitioning. The Human Capital Office engages with the organization leadership and employees to assist them in meeting NCR MD mission and goals.

The scope of the NCR MD Personnel Branch services includes DMHRSi, Civilian Human Resources, Joint Military Awards for military members, oversight of the Regional Position Management Board and Employees Assistance Program, monitoring the workforce within the NCR MD region and Human Capital Initiatives. Please click below to access materials and briefings related to the NCR MD Personnel Branch mission.

 Fact Sheets

Classification Study for Employees Regional Classification Review Information Paper June 2012.pdf
Classification Study for Employees Regional Classification Review Information Paper Updated.pdf
Classification Study Information on Grade and Pay Retention Fact Sheet May 2012.pdf
EAP Introductory  DHA NCR MD Fact Sheet.pdf
EBIS Instruction Fact Sheet.pdf
Ebola Information Fact Sheet.pdf
Employee Breastfeeding Fact Sheet.pdf
Updating Your Profile on milConnect Fact Sheet.pdf
USERRA-Training-Flyer 2015 Fact Sheet.pdf
Enhanced Leave Accrual-Fact Sheet_April 2016.pdf
Recruitment Incentive-Fact Sheet_April 2016.pdf
Relocation Incentive-Fact Sheet_April 2016.pdf
Retention Incentive-Fact Sheet_April 2016.pdf
Student Loan Repayment-Fact Sheet April  2016.pdf
Superior Qualifications Appointment-Fact Sheet_April 2016.pdf


2017 VERA VSIP Briefing.pptx
FEVS 2017 - NCR MD.pptx

 Instructions and Policies

DHA Drug-Free Workplace Program.pdf
DHA Incentives to Attract and Retain Civilian Employees.pdf
DHA Organizational And Manpower Change Request Instructions.docx
IC_2015_12_04  Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Policy.pdf
IC_2015_12_10_Anti-Harassment Policy - DDHA memo.pdf
IC_2015_12_10_Right to File a Complaint of Discrimination Policy - DDHA memo.pdf
IC_2016_01_19_Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Program Policy.pdf
IC-2015_12_10_Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities Policy.pdf
JTF CAPMED-I 1438 01 Injury Compensation Instr Sign June 2013.pdf
NCR MD Employment of Annuitant Policy.pdf
NCR MD Implementation Guidance Republished Civilian Fitness and Wellness Program dated Sep 9 2016 (1).pdf
NCR MD-AI 1000.01 Inclement Weather Plan September 2014.pdf
NCR MD-AI 1100.01 Managing Manpower Requests.pdf
NCR MD-AI 1120.02  Off-Duty Employment (ODE) and Outside Activities August 2014.pdf
NCR MD-AI 1120.02 Off Duty Employment (ODE) and Outside Activities.pdf
NCR MD-AI 12410.2B Civilian Tuition Assistance Program CTAP (3).pdf
NCR MD-AI 1348.01  Military Awards Program August 2014.pdf
NCR MD-AI 1400 03 Telework Program October 2014.pdf
NCR MD-AI 1400 04 Administrative Grievances System (AGS) October 2014.pdf
NCR MD-AI 1400 05 Civilian Position Classification February 2015.pdf
NCR MD-AI 1400.06 Civilian Disciplinary and Adverse Actions.pdf
NCR MD-AI 1403 01 Pay Setting February 2015.pdf
NCR MD-AI 1404.01 Merit Promotion and Placement.pdf
NCR MD-AI 1426.01 Employee Assistance Program (EAP).pdf
NCR MD-AI 1432 01 Icentives and Allowances to Attract and Retain Civilians February 2015.pdf
NCR MD-AI 1432.02 Honorary Awards and Incentive Program.pdf
NCR MD-AI 5030.01 Organizational Structure and Position Organization Address Changes in DHA NCR MD (2).pdf
NCR MD-DTM 15-001 Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing of Civilian Employees January 2015.pdf
NCR MD-DTM 15-002 Safe Harbor January 2015.pdf
NCR MD-DTM 15-003 Light Duty and Return to Work Procedures for DoD Civilian Personnel February 2015.pdf
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 Market Analysis

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Enhanced Leave Accrual Worksheet_April 2016.pdf
Internship Program Participant Agreement Form.pdf
PD Classification Request February 2014.pdf
Presidential Management Fellows Form.pdf
Recent Graduates Program Form.pdf
Recruitment Incentive Worksheet_April 2016.pdf
Relocation Incentive Worksheet_April 2016.pdf
Retention Incentive Worksheet_April 2016.pdf
Student Loan Repayment Worksheet_April 2016.pdf
Superior Qualifications Appointment Worksheet April  2016.pdf