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To Our Patients

Health Care in the National Capital Region
What does the future hold for YOU?
Patients and Families First!
With all the changes occurring in military medicine in the National Capital Region (NCR), you can be assured that providing world class care for patients and families is still at the heart of all we do.
What does the Future Hold?
The 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) mandate stated that by September, 2011, the care and services currently provided at Walter Reed Army Medical Center would be relocated to the future Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Bethesda (WRNMMC Bethesda) – at the current location of the National Naval Medical Center. Significant renovations and additional new construction projects have been underway both in Bethesda and at Fort Belvoir on the newly constructed community hospital there.
Where will I get my Care?

At this moment, there are NO CHANGES in how or where you receive care. The goal of this process is to keep the transition as smooth as possible before services are relocated to the two new hospitals. When the functions currently located on Georgia Avenue move to the Bethesda location in 2011, the two facilities will already be fully integrated. The ultimate goal is for a seamless transition for you, our patients.
Currently WRAMC and National Naval Medical Center (NNMC) are involved in a process referred to as “Integration and Transition.” This means that most of the clinics you visit now at Walter Reed on Georgia Avenue are already integrated with clinics at NNMC in Bethesda, and they share staff, policies and procedures. It also means that transition experts are planning the movement and coordination of Walter Reed’s medical personnel and equipment to either the Bethesda or Belvoir campuses.
What’s Coming?

If you live in the Northern Virginia area, or the Southern District of Columbia sector, you will probably be enrolled to the newly constructed community hospital at Fort Belvoir (which will have the capabilities of a suburban medical center). Construction of this new 120-bed hospital began in November 2007 and, when complete, it will be three times the size of the current DeWitt Army Community Hospital. Inpatient and outpatient services will be greatly expanded to make access to primary and specialty care much closer to home for patients located in the southern half of the national capital region.

The Bethesda location will be equipped with two entirely new buildings; one with six floors and one with three, for a total of 345 beds. The architecture of the new buildings was designed to retain the “Art Deco” influence of the original tower. 2.7 million square feet of new construction and renovation makes the future Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Bethesda, one of the biggest state-of-the-art, world-class medical centers in the country.
Where will my Medical Records be located?
The medical records of our beneficiaries are currently in transition from paper records to an electronic format that is completely secure, and will be able to be viewed from any Military Treatment Facility (MTF).
Will I have the same Primary Care and Specialty Provider?
Until late August of 2011, if you currently go to Walter Reed for your health care, your health care team will not change (other than the normal turnover of our medical staff). Many of Walter Reed’s health care providers will then transfer to one of the two future hospitals, and all of the specialty services now available at WRAMC will be available at the future WRNMMC (and some of them will be available at Fort Belvoir as well).
What will Parking be like at each future Facility?
Current parking on the NNMC campus is improving daily, with one new 900 space garage completed 6 months ahead of schedule. However, the 2011 plans include two more new parking garages. These three new buildings will provide ample parking for both patients and staff. There will also be plenty of parking for patients at the future community hospital at Fort Belvoir.
Keeping you up to date is our Priority.
Our goal is to keep you informed through the transition and beyond. There are regular articles in all command newspapers that are published weekly and available throughout the NCR. Also, you can visit the following websites to get the most current information about this exciting process!