Acupuncture Trainings


1)    Quarterly Battlefield Acupuncture


What is Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA)?


The Battlefield Acupuncture technique is a unique auricular (ear) Acupuncture procedure developed in 2001 by then Air Force Colonel Richard Niemtzow, M.D, to train Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and other providers to treat pain throughout the MHS and VHA.  This technique provides a much needed alternative in cases where the initiation or continuation of opioid analgesics is deemed clinically risky, in cases where current medications and other therapies are not working, and cases where the existence of and potential for substance abuse, addiction and tolerance issues make medication therapies impractical.


The BFA course – usually 1-2 half days – teaches non-acupuncturist clinical providers the BFA technique. Training in BFA offers providers the opportunity to enhance their clinical practice skills in musculoskeletal and pain management conditions by adding Battlefield Acupuncture technique to their “tool bag.” It is hoped that this technique will be a primary or secondary modality to reduce the use of opioids and habit forming drugs.



2)    Medical Acupuncture for Physicians Training



300 hour course offered during the fall and spring of each year

•Organized into three units that include:

◦Home study and video course viewing

◦Live lectures and demonstration

◦Supervised clinical training

•Fundamental course of acupuncture science and theory, channel and point location, needling techniques, approaches to diagnosis and therapy and patient management

•Course is offered to physicians and midlevel providers.


Course Content:

•Basic science foundations of acupuncture

•Clinical science levels of evidence

•Fundamental tenets of traditional acupuncture theory

•Hybrid contemporary model of acupuncture

•Channel and point function, location, and palpation

•Integrated approaches to diagnosis and therapy

•Needling technique

•Patient management

•Practice set up, building, and billing



3) Advanced Military Acupuncture Training



•Offered to graduates of 220-300 hours of medical acupuncture courses approved by the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture of diplomat eligibility in the American Board of Medical Acupuncture

•This course is intended for physicians who would like to refresh their skills and learn new techniques.

•The course is open to active duty physicians, midlevel providers, and VHA physicians with appropriate training and experience.


Course Content:

•Auricular acupuncture

•Chinese scalp acupuncture

•Surface relief technique

•Tendinomuscular meridian treatment

•Trigger point deactivation

•Two-needle technique

•Scar deactivation

•Interosseous needling

•Percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

•Periosteal stimulation

•Energetic circuitry using principal and tendinomuscular meridian sub circuits and Shu and Mu points