DPMAP-Writing SMART Performance Plans

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Ms. Lisa S. Wilson, Program Manager
Office: (301) 319.8510


Performance Standards describe how the requirements and expectations of an employee are to be evaluated. They must be written at the “Fully Successful” level to include specific, measureable, achievable, relevant and timely (SMART) criteria. These criteria provide the framework for developing effective results and expectations.

To achieve performance at the “Fully Successful” level, the standards should be:


  • Specific: Goals are sufficiently detailed in describing what needs to be accomplished.


  • Measurable: The accomplishment of the performance element is clear and can be quantified or substantiated using objective criteria.


  • Achievable: Goals are realistic, yet challenging and can be accomplished with the resources, personnel, and time available.


  • Relevant: The critical element aligns with or links to organizational mission and success.


  • Timely: Goals will be completed within a realistic timeframe.


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