DPMAP Training

Contact Information

Ms. Lisa S. Wilson, Program Manager
Office: (301) 319.8510
E-mail: Lisa.S.Wilson.civ@mail.mil

The purpose of the training is to prepare supervisors and employees as they transition to the new performance management program called Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program (DPMAP). The lessons will review tasks and concepts from performance management, organizational effectiveness, and employee engagement in preparation for the implementation of DPMAP on 1 July 2017. The course consists of the following lessons:
  • Module 1: Performance Management Overview

  • Module 2: Engaged Employees

  • Module 3: Planning Performance

  • Module 4: Continuous Feedback

  • Module 5: Monitoring Performance

  • Module 6: Evaluating Performance

  • Module 7: Recognizing and Rewarding Performance

  •  To access the above modules online, go to Joint Knowledge Online (JKO). Enroll in the following:

    • DoD Performance Management Appraisal Program(DPMAP) Lessons 1-7: Course Number DOD-DPMAP102 (5 Hours)

  • For additional training information, go to the New Beginnings Site