National Capital Region Medical Directorate (NCR MD),
Personnel Branch

Contact Information

Dr. Kristine Diaz, Program Manager
Office: (301) 319.3817

Ms. Avril Barker, Program Coordinator
Office: (301) 400.1768

The Workplace Violence Prevention Program (WVPP) provides the coordination of resources that prevent and respond to workplace violence within the Defense Health Agency National Capital Region Medical Directorate. We aim to adhere to the Department of Defense Instruction 1438.06 “DoD Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Policy” to provide a safe work environment. Our purpose is to increase awareness of workplace violence through the following opportunities:

  • Education of Leadership and Management on workplace violence and prevention.
  • Connection with Service-Related Programs addressing work-life balance and wellness.
  • Consultation with departments and programs to identify procedures in the evaluation and prevention of workplace violence.
  • Respond to workplace violence incidents.

In addition to reporting workplace incidents, please contact WVPP if you are interested in our leadership and management training and/or consultation services regarding workplace violence.