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Welcome to your National Capital Region (NCR) Military Health System! We are a Joint Tri-Service network of healthcare facilities here to provide you and your family with safe, high quality health care.

Our military Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) are conveniently located across the region, creating an integrated network of primary, specialty, surgical and inpatient services. A complete list of the facilities, their services and their contact information is on the map here.

Because we are your health system, you can choose any MTF in the region to receive your care, regardless of where you are enrolled. Being part of the NCR health care system means you can:
  • Fill your prescription at any MTF of your choice regardless of where it was written
  • Go to any military specialty care clinic in the Region
  • Access your records from any MTF and anywhere in the world
  • Contact your provider directly through Relay Health.
Our locations are the destination of choice for our wounded warriors as they come home to recover and rehabilitate. This gives our clinical personnel the opportunity to make great advances in specialized areas such as Orthopedic Surgery, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Amputee Care. When similar injuries and conditions happen on the home front, we are able to apply our unique experience to all our patients.
Your military medical staff understands you and your military family. They have been where you are; many have stood beside you and cared for you on the battlefield.
Please visit any of the military treatment facilities in the NCR Health System. Come see us, not just when you have a healthcare need, but for your everyday commitment to staying healthy! 

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