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Beneficiary Reassignment

Q1. What is changing to military health care in the National Capital Region?
As part of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission recommendations, this September, a new integrated health care delivery system is being stood up in the National Capital Region. This new system consists of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. and the new Fort Belvoir Community Hospital in Fort Belvoir, Va., along with other military treatment facilities in the area. WRNMMC and FBCH will be integrated hospitals. The facilities will have civilian, contractor, Army, Navy and Air Force staff members who will care for patients regardless of Service association.
With each new beginning and opportunity however, comes a period of transition. To better serve the beneficiary population in the region, the Walter Reed Army Medical Center is closing in September and the National Naval Medical Center will transition into the new WRNMMC. Also, the DeWitt Army Community Hospital is closing and its existing capabilities are moving to FBCH, which will provide additional capabilities. WRAMC and NNMC’s patients and staff are being realigned to other MTFs in the region.
During this transition, the Department of Defense is also establishing the Malcolm Grow Medical Center at Andrews Air Force Base as an ambulatory surgical center.
Q2. Why am I receiving a patient reassignment letter and what is it telling me?
The Joint Task Force National Capital Region Medical, Command in charge of the transition, sent notification letters to all enrollees in the NCR to explain changes to military health care in the region. These letters state your projected new Primary Care facility.
Q3. What if I’m receiving specialty care in the NCR?
Your reassignment location pertains only to Primary Care Services provided by a Primary Care Manager. Access to specialty care in the NCR will not change. Specialty care will be available at facilities throughout the region, including the WRNMMC, FBCH, and the 779th Medical Group, depending on your needs. All specialty care currently available within the NCR will also be available after September.
Q4. What if I’m not satisfied with my new projected location?
At this time, your reassignment location is a tentative projection. As part of the Dec. 2010 Beneficiary Reassignment Notifications, JTF CapMed asked beneficiaries to indicate if they accept their projected facility assignment and return the postcard included in their letter. In May, JTF CapMed sent a second notification letter to the individuals who did not respond to the original reassignment mailing. JTF CapMed also sent a second letter to individuals who acknowledged their non-acceptance of their projected assignment but, did not provide additional preference information.
Q5. When will I receive final notification of my new MTF?
Communication about enrollment options will continue until September. As with current PCM notifications, the PCM/location change letter will be distributed within 90 days of the effective date and be sent by JTF CapMed.
Q6. When will patients begin receiving care at WRNMMC?
Primary care and specialty care currently provided at NNMC will continue as it integrates into WRNMMC effective August 13.
Q7. Will I be able to request my current PCM, if he or she moves to a different MTF in the area?
Yes, you may submit PMC change requests after August 13, provided that the PCM has availability and the MTF meets TRICARE’s Access to Care Standards. For more information on TRICARE’s Access to Care Standards visit http://tricare.mil/mybenefit. (Note: Changes can only be made with an effective date no later than 90 days from the time of request).
Q8. How is patient reassignment decided?
Patient choice is a priority, while MTF location is determined based on TRICARE Management Activity’s Access to Care Standards. The Access to Care Standards state that travel time may not exceed 30 minutes between residence and a primary care delivery site, unless a longer time is necessary due to the absence of providers in the area. You can view facilities within time and distance standards to your address at the TRICARE website: http://tricare.mil/mybenefit.
Q9. I’m a Wounded Warrior with a family living on base at WRAMC. What will happen to us?
All reassignment of Wounded Warriors and their families will be coordinated with those currently supporting care for the Warrior. You should contact your Case Manager for details on how your family will be taken care of.
Q10. Where will I obtain emergency care?
In the event of an emergency, you should seek care at the closest emergency room or dial 911 for emergency medical services. WRNMMC and FBCH will have Emergency Rooms. If you require urgent care, you should first call your PCM to see if they can see you. If not, then they should refer you to an Urgent Care Provider.
Q11. Will I need to make a copy of my medical record?
No, your medical record will be automatically transferred to your new MTF and PCM for you.
Q12. If I change PCM, how will my new PCM know about my existing medical conditions?
All medical records and relevant information will be transferred to your new PCM and MTF.
Q13. I’ve heard that there may be moves before September. When will my specialty care clinic close?
Specialty care clinics will be relocated to Fort Belvoir Community Hospital and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. These moves will be completed by the end of this summer.
Q14. What if my address changes?
If your address has changed, please update your personal information in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System or access DEERS through TRICARE. Your new address will be used to determine the best MTF location to serve your primary care needs.
Q15. What if I currently have a Drive Time Waiver letter? Will it transfer with my enrollment reassignment?
If you have previously requested a DTW letter, you will have to resubmit a waiver when attempting to enroll in a facility outside of TRICARE’s Access to Care Standards. Every effort is being made to enroll you into a facility within TRICARE’s Access to Care Standards. DTW letters are renewed annually. If you know you live outside of TRICARE’s Access to Care Standards, then you should consider renewing your DTW letter.
Q16. Will a change to my enrollment site count towards the two allowed enrollment transfers for Retirees or (Retiree) Family Members?
This rule only applies to moves outside of a TRICARE region. Since the NCR is within the TRICARE North Region, any change to enrollment due to BRAC will not count toward the two allowed enrollment transfers.